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Rule out the five department of locking fasteners rust
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Now are used in machinery, equipment, vehicles and railway fastening, that is a lot of field applications of fasteners is an indispensable connection fastening parts, and to trouble fastener manufacturer is "how to eliminate fasteners rusty lock symptoms?" This is also our common problem in daily life, but many people don't know how to flexible processing, here, to share the related rule out five department of locking fasteners rust.

A, "shock" : for those rusty lock screw stud stainless steel fasteners, we can use the hammer knock the wrench proper power, to make the fasteners vibrations occur, so that you can make the twist of the lock screw is easy.

"Knock" : use your hammer edge to knock of rusty lock stainless steel stud, so that to loosen rusty fasteners. For tapping, can according to the actual circumstances of the nut is installed, for example, on both sides of the bicycle pedal bolt nut, can according to the metal structure of the pedals, metal thickness and so on of percussive to reasonably control the strength. If it can't solve the problem, we can use a hammer along the circle of nut counterclockwise, so you can make the fastener is easily removed.

Three, "burning" : this method is suitable for use in rusty lock more serious condition, a magic weapon if the above doesn't solve the problem, we can use the welding flame burning of rusty nut, in the burning after, to be a red-hot fasteners in thread lubricating oil and so you can easily remove the rust lock fastener. (the principle of this method namely "heat bilges cold shrink" principle, it is important to note some plastic easy heat melting devices such as banning the use of this tool.)

Four, "rush" : due to the serious rust, corrosion deformation leading to the top of the screw fasteners, we can use this method. Just in the screw at the top of the vertical direction, hit with a hammer and a screwdriver, purpose is to form a v-shaped slot, and then along the screw spin out the direction of the impact of fasteners, until its loose, finally, we can use the pliers to its easy disassembly. (this method is more suitable for applicable when the character "one" or "ten" word screw appear smooth mouth).

Five, the "welding" : this formula is suitable for use in due to the situation is serious rust, when remove the screw wring. Aimed at this situation, we can use the welding on the wring the screw welding above a root length appropriate iron, then combined with more than a magic weapon to remove reasonably. For welding the iron cross section size can be determined according to the diameter of the stainless steel screws.

Warm reminder: when there is a rusting after locking phenomenon, must be scientific and rational use of the above five kinds of methods to remove the fastener, can appear otherwise screw hexagonal screw slide, screw the edges and corners of wring, wrench was turned bad and so on.