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Fasteners, the breakthrough development
  发表时间:2015-5-7  浏览次数:543

Fastener manufacturers tips "in fasteners, small and medium enterprises and large enterprises compared to the start is late, foundation is very weak, but a few small companies with low ability to resist risk, produces the product attached to the low value, low-end products as the main, technology and quality at the same time also is relatively low, but now the impact of the market economy continuously, at the same time with the price of the small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) malignant competition and development.

Now there are many companies thought only the development of diversified material can meet the needs of different, at the same time on the small and medium-sized enterprises make varieties comparison because production products is various, in the production cost is high, can't realize large-scale production, sales and the lack of professional after-sales service, if really want to small and medium-sized enterprises to run well, so in the market, must want to have a good management system.

So behind each successful enterprise is down-to-earth, step by step, China now has a lot of enterprises are the pursuit of scale, a neglected the core competitive power, but for this actually is a big mistake.